The Doctor

Dr. Thomas Walaszczyk's knowledge and experience restoring health without drugs or surgery spans 28 years if you start at graduation but actually began when he was 12 years of age.  Dr. Walaszczyk approaches health holistically and uses therapeutic modalities including electric stimulation, ultrasound, spinal traction, exercise and nutritional protocols to deliver a comprehensive treatment plan to provide patients with the materials necessary to achieve their optimal health.  

Dr. Walaszczyk's chief question when analysing a patient is to ask " What is preventing this person's innate capacity to heal from working?" The primary purpose of Chiropratic is to restore that ability.  To re-connect the body and the body's mind by reducing the interference between them is the key.  Patient's need to understand that the body heals itself, and interference to that process results in poor adaptation, and dis-ease.  Stress, whether it be caused by physical injury, emotional upset, mental overloads or chemical toxicity affects the nervous system resulting in poor health.  The adaptive process is stuck in a defense mode rather than a healing - work dynamic.  defense mode is a survival mode as opposed to a growth mode.  When our innate intelligence perceives a threat to its well being, ie. when you slip and fall, it responds by going into a contracted state, a defensive behavior designed to guard the body seen as a contraction in the spinal muscles and a locking up of the joints.  The same pattern happens with mental stress and emotional overloads except fatigue sets in as opposed to rigidity.  Over time, the stress pattern becomes the dominant pattern in how our nervous system functions.  Blood pressure is affected, hormonal imbalances occur, sleep is less effective, and an overall lack of vitality occurs.  Patients who take medication may have their outward symptoms reduced, but the underlying neurological imbalance is not addressed.   Chiropractic science examines this behavior and the Chiropractic Art how to change it.  The Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic was born in 1895 by D.D. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa, however the history of humanity's search to understand these processes started thousands of years prior.  What provided Chiropractic to discover the answer to the inner causes of dis-ease was the invention of the X-Ray machine.  Having the ability to see the misalignment of a patient's vertebrae and correcting that misalignment was and continues to be miraculous.  In the early 1920's, there were over 300 Chiropractoc colleges and hospitals in this country.  The advent of chemotherapy and its promise to easily reduce symptoms and pain quickly replaced the Chiropractic method.  Chiropractic continues to provide patient's with a the means to achieve health from within without drugs or surgery.

In my office, X-ray is used to evaluate the specific spinal and pelvic misalignments as to deliver better results for my patients.  From the X-ray study, the proper course of treatment is then determined.  Determining the alignment is one critical aspect of determining long term correction of musculoskeletal complaints and is vital to restoring balance and adaptation to the nerve system.  The skeleton is the foundation for the nerve system.  When the foundation is distorted, the nerve system, muscles, ddiscs, joints and you are less than optimum.  To be all you can be you must have a nerve system free from interference. 

Dr. Walaszczyk is a graduate of the New York Chiropractic College, 1989, graduating with honors and membership to the Phi Chi Omega Scholastic Honors Society.  Dr Walaszczyk practices full spine adjusting based on X-Ray analysis and extremity adjusting based on kinesiology.

Dr. Walaszczyk is a member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors. He is available for public lectures and as a consultant on injury prevention in industry and business settings.


Office Manager

Denise Arcykiewicz

Originally from Elmwood Park, Denise began her medical career in 1975 as a Veterinary Assistant.  A change in career paths in 1979 where she worked for a national clinical laboratory, afforded her the opportunity to attend Bergen County Community college and work towards a BBA in conjunction with the mandatory continuing education program the company provided for Management. During this time Denise was promoted to Manager of Insurance Receivables and supervised 35 Insurance Billing Representatives.  In 1994 Denise moved to Sussex County and made another career change to be a stay at home Mom.  In 1999 she returned to the work force for a part time front desk position at Sussex County Total Health.  During her 15 years here she has dealt with numerous challenges the Chiropractic community has experienced.    Denise along with her teen age daughter Jamie resides in Lafayette and tends to their small farm.   Denise is also co-founder of Mark & Jeremy “Forever Friends”, a non-profit organization that donates to various local organizations including animal rescue.  In addition to her love for animals, she is also a lover of music and performs regularly with her band Rated R.