The Doctor

Dr. Thomas Walaszczyk's knowledge and experience spans 25 years of providing hands on correction of minor to major spinal and extremity soft tissue injuries and functional impairments. In addition to hands on expertise, Dr. Walaszczyk's use of therapeutic modalities, electric stimulation, ultrasound, decompression methods and exercise protocols delivers a comprehensive plan of action for patients to experience the results they desire.  

Dr. Walaszczyk's perspective is that the role of the Chiroprator is determine and correct the connection between the body and the brain by reducing the interference within the nerve system. "Patient's need to understand how the body works, and how the innate intelligence that co-ordinates and motivates us from within, uses the nerve system to perceive the parts of the body". When innate intelligence perceives a threat to its well being, ie. when you slip and fall, it responds by creating a defensive behavior, a guarding of the nerve system by locking the joints and tightening the muscles.  This behavior may continue without symptoms, slowly, over time resulting in symptoms, a lack of vitality and an impairment in function. Patients who take medication may have their symptoms reduced, only to allow the defensive pattern to become more permanent. Chiropractic has understood this behavior and its correction for well over a hundred years. The science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic was born in 1895, however, humanity has endeavored to understand these spinal lesions for thousands of years.  Chiropractic was created following the invention of the X-Ray machine.  Manually manipulating the spine was the way health care was performed for hundreds of years, but with this new technology, the manipulation could be performed more specifically.  This new specific way was then called Chiropractic which actually is from the  which allowed the technique to be the most specific, direct and immediate way to reduce the effects of spinal subluxations and change the course of that persons health. 

In my office, X-ray is used to evaluate the spinal and pelvic alignment to determine the underlying reasons for the patients complaints.  From the X-ray study, the proper course of treatment is then determined.  Determining the alignment is one critical aspect of determining long term correction of musculoskeletal complaints.  Other factors include joint stiffness and interference to the nerve system which are determined using hands on analysis and muscle testing..  

Dr. Walaszczyk is a graduate of the New York Chiropractic College, 1989, graduating with honors and membership to the Phi Chi Omega Scholastic Honors Society.  Dr Walaszczyk practices full spine adjusting based on X-Ray analysis and extremity adjusting based on kinesiology.

Dr. Walaszczyk is a member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors. He is available for public lectures and as a consultant on injury prevention in industry and business settings.


Office Manager

Denise Arcykiewicz

Originally from Elmwood Park, Denise began her medical career in 1975 as a Veterinary Assistant.  A change in career paths in 1979 where she worked for a national clinical laboratory, afforded her the opportunity to attend Bergen County Community college and work towards a BBA in conjunction with the mandatory continuing education program the company provided for Management. During this time Denise was promoted to Manager of Insurance Receivables and supervised 35 Insurance Billing Representatives.  In 1994 Denise moved to Sussex County and made another career change to be a stay at home Mom.  In 1999 she returned to the work force for a part time front desk position at Sussex County Total Health.  During her 15 years here she has dealt with numerous challenges the Chiropractic community has experienced.    Denise along with her teen age daughter Jamie resides in Lafayette and tends to their small farm.   Denise is also co-founder of Mark & Jeremy “Forever Friends”, a non-profit organization that donates to various local organizations including animal rescue.  In addition to her love for animals, she is also a lover of music and performs regularly with her band Rated R.


Patient Care Coordinator

Stella Ditta

Stella grew up in Lodi and moved to Sussex County in 1984 where she raised her 4 children. She returned to the work force in 1994 as a patient case manager. She started working with Sussex County Total Health in 1999 as a front desk receptionist. In 2007 she completed her training as a Chiropractic Assistant. When she is not working, she enjoys spending her time with her husband and family.



Personal Injury Coordinator

Lisa Grunn

Lisa, originally from Connecticut, relocated to New Jersey in 1986. Lisa is an experienced Legal Assistant, having completed course work at the community college. She has been with Sussex County Total Health since 1996 functioning as a Personal Injury Claims specialist. She also assists with the front desk, back office and marketing.  She is a married mother of three college age children.  She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends golfing, bowling, camping and attending Zumba classes.  She also is a Tastefully Simple consultant.